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Thomas Smith, TL Smith Consulting Inc.TLSmith Consulting Inc. specializes in architectural technology and research, with an emphasis on roof systems. Its founder, Thomas Lee Smith, is a sole practitioner - when you commission TLSmith Consulting Inc. to work for you, all of your work will be performed by an internationally recognized roof consultant.

Mr. Smith is familiar with all commonly used low- and steep-slope roofing systems. He has a strong theoretical understanding and practical experience with the many materials, systems and issues associated with roof performance. In particular, he is recognized for his expertise related to wind performance of roof systems.

Structural standing seam metal panels. Hurricane Andrew (Florida, 1992)Clients include federal and state government agencies, architects/engineers, contractors, manufacturers, insurance companies, attorneys, school districts, and the National Roofing Contractors Association.

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Continuing Education and Standards Development

Knowledge is the key to addressing roofing issues. TLSmith Consulting Inc. stays on the cutting edge, actively participating in extensive formal continuing education programs and voluntary committees. Through continuous involvement in development of standards and publications, TLSmith can apply current knowledge to your roofing challenges.

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